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December 2019

Dental Implants are the Best Way to Replace Missing Teeth

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If you live in Peoria, AZ and suffer from a missing or damaged tooth, we can help you replace it! We fit a range of dental implants in Peoria that will help restore your bite and offer major improvements to how you eat, talk, and give you the confidence of a new smile. Read on to learn how this sturdy, permanent option can be right for you.

Dental implants in Peoria

Dental implants are not the replacement of the tooth itself. Instead, they provide a substructure for options like dentures and crowns to be attached to. As such, dental implants offer replacements that are more stable and permanent than other options. After they are fixed into the bone, the bone integrates to them, keeping them stable and supported.

Dental implants consist of a screw, usually made of titanium, screwed into the bone, where it integrates over time. Once they’ve been given time to integrate, the attachment is then put on the implant, which can allow us to fit things like porcelain crowns, bridges, and dentures that are much more stable and permanent. With the kind of dental implants that we offer in Peoria, it’s often hard to tell the difference from real teeth.

Advantages of dental implants

Compared to other methods of replacing missing and damaged teeth, dental implants are likely to last longer and be much more stable. In comparison, removable dentures are a lot more prone to move around or come loose. Besides being reliable, they’re also lifelike, simulating the appearance, feeling, and functionality of natural teeth. 

With the help of a professional dental team like Arrowhead in Peoria, AZ, you can ensure you get the best out of your dental implant practice. We have plenty of experience placing them for patients, ensuring that their smile, their bite, and their confidence are restored through state-of-the-art treatment standards.

Are dental implants right for you?

Are you considering getting dental implants? If you have missing or damaged teeth that you would like to replace, we first need to make sure that you have enough bone, as the implant integrates to the bone. If you’re lacking bone density or have an irregular oral anatomy, we may be able to help with bone grafting treatments. All of this can be figured out through a one-to-one consultation.

What to expect from dental implants

We usually require two appointments to complete the dental implant treatment. For the first appointment, we put the implant in place, screwing it into the jawbone and covering it up again. When the bone has integrated to the implant, it will be covered by the gum, so we need to make a small incision to open it and fit the attachment, whether it’s a crown, denture, or something else. Usually, it only takes a week for the recovery process, but you should be free to live your life happily after that.

If you have a missing or damaged tooth and want a replacement, consider getting a dental implant in Peoria from Arrowhead Family Dental. Get in touch and we will be glad to answer any questions and schedule your appointment when you need it.

Want to Replace your Smile? Try Dentures

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At Arrowhead Family Dental, we will do all that we can to help restore your smile and find the perfect replacement for lost teeth. In many cases, the more stable options such as crowns and bridges may be preferable, but that’s not always the case. For certain people, dentures might just be the solution you need. Here, we’re going to look at the different dentures we offer our patients in Peoria, Arizona, as well as the specific advantages of choosing dentures.

Types of dentures

If you need dentures in Peoria, then the team at Arrowhead Family Dental will do everything we can to ensure the best possible fit for you. We have multiple types available, including the following:

  • Traditional dentures: Still a popular option for many due to their cost-effectiveness and suitability for those with certain medical conditions. These dentures are all custom-made, helping you achieve the perfect smile. We offer both full dentures, which are suitable for those missing entire rows of teeth and partial dentures, for those who are missing some teeth in a row.
  • Implant supported dentures: If you have the jawbone density to support it, we can install an implant that can anchor your dentures, helping them be much more secure. As such, we can eliminate the common issues of them slipping, moving, clicking, or coming loose.
  • All-on-4: This is a specific type of implant supported dentures that is perfect for a total mouth reconstruction treatment. This treatment can see you getting all your dentures and implants replaced in a single day, dramatically cutting down the overall waiting and recovery time of the treatment.

If you want to know more about the options available and the costs that come with them, we break it down in detail on our “Dentures” service page.

The benefits of dentures

When you step into our offices in Peoria, Arizona, we ensure that, no matter what, you’re getting the treatment that’s designed specifically to fit your needs. As such, if we think that bridges or crowns are a better solution, we will recommend them. However, there are some advantages to dentures worth considering:

  • Not only do dentures help you smile naturally, but they also support your face to prevent jaw loss and other facial changes.
  • Dentures are good at maximizing oral function, allowing you to eat and speak better, improving your communication.
  • If they’re supported by an implant, they can be just as stable and secure as bridges or crowns.

If you want to know which option works best for restoring your smile and replacing missing teeth, arrange a consultation with us and we will tell you all you need to know.

Do you need dentures in Peoria?

If you think that dentures are the right solution for you or you simply want to learn more about them, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Arrowhead Family Dental today. We will be more than happy to address any questions you might have and to arrange an appointment for whenever suits you best.