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Ensure that every member of your family is taken care of, with the compassion and quality of care that you all deserve. Arrowhead Family Dentistry in Peoria, Arizona, can offer a wide range of treatments, protecting and strengthening the oral health of you and your whole family. We welcome patients of all ages, offering the care to meet your individual needs, as well as the results that can see you smiling confidently.

High Standards of Care and Comfort

Arrowhead Family Dentistry has earned a reputation for maintaining high standards of care and comfort, allowing our patients to feel real confidence in the wide range of treatments that we have. As such, we consider ourselves a part of the Peoria, Arizona community and have gotten to know many of the families that live around us. This helps us better understand their needs and concerns that allows us to be more precise and more considerate in all of our treatments. We’re welcoming new families in the area as well, so get in touch if you need any help.

Care Designed to Fit Your Every Need

We can help you and your family take care of the routine dental services, including check-ups, cleanings, and so on. However, we also offer bespoke care plans, taking into account your own needs and preferences as best as possible. We recommend new patients arrange a one-on-one consultation so we can get a better idea of your medical history and your circumstances, allowing us to put together the treatment plan that can meet all of your needs. This emphasis on bespoke care is also why we offer sedation dentistry for those who may suffer from dental anxiety or other issues that might make standard treatment a less reliable option

Here When You Need Us

Have a real dental crisis that simply will not wait? That’s nothing to be worried about, since Arrowhead Family Dentistry offers emergency dental care that ensures you will be seen and taken care of in no time, flat. Whether it’s severe tooth pain, a damaged tooth, or a broken jaw, we are here to provide the emergency treatment you need, whether it’s during or outside of office hours.


The best team dental team in Peoria, Arizona

Under the leadership of Dr. Darren Chugg, our head dentist, and Eden Logan, the practice manager, our team has received a lot of praise from our patients. We offer true quality and care, from our administrative and front desk team to the dental assistants and hygienists that will be helping you feel more comfortable throughout your treatment. You are always welcome to ask our team if you have any questions or concerns to be addressed. 

Your local family dentistry, Arrowhead Family Dentistry

If you’re looking for dental care in Peoria, Arizona, then stopping in with the team at Arrowhead Family Dentistry is a must. Get in contact, arrange for a consultation, and come visit our practice. We’ll be glad to welcome you and ensure you feel confident in your choice of practice.

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