If you’ve ever avoided going to the dentist due to anxiety or nervousness, you are not alone. Sedation Dentistry has long acknowledged that for many, the procedures needed to restore and maintain dental health can sometimes be uncomfortable or even painful.

That’s why Arrowhead Family Dental goes to great lengths to assure your comfort and peace-of-mind while we take care of you. We can provide mild sedatives to calm apprehension and assure your comfort, particularly during long cosmetic or restorative procedures. Dr Chugg is DOCS Trained, so you can be assured our sedation protocols are completely safe.

If you have been holding off seeing a dentist for fear of what might be done, please be assured that we will do all we can to make your visit not only painless, but even pleasant.

There are a number of different sedation dentistry options, including:


Nitrous Oxide, (also known as laughing gas) remains the most popular sedation method used across the country. With nitrous oxide you can feel relaxed and comfortable while visiting us at one of our offices. (Not currently offered)


Conscious sedation (also known as oral conscious sedation) is a great method to help you stay relaxed during a dental procedure. After taking a special sedation pill before your visit (usually about an hour before), you can feel calm and relaxed while you get the care you need.


IV sedation is a particularly effective method of sedation, especially for longer procedures. Using IV sedation, we can add various medication agents to further your relaxation and make you feel more at ease during your procedure.(Not Currently offered)

Modern sedation dentistry methods are safer and more comfortable than ever before. Whichever sedation method you choose–nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, or IV sedation–we are confident that they can help you ease your nervousness and anxiety during your visit.


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