A root canal is a dental process that is used to help repair and save a tooth that has badly decayed or has become infected. It’s something that is common to happen for those whose teeth have gone beyond the point of getting a simple filling and need further action in order to keep the tooth from being removed.

The Process Of A Root Canal

During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp from the tooth itself will need to be removed. The tooth is then cleaned on the inside and sealed up. This procedure is needed because otherwise, abscesses may start to form as a result of any infection that happens. You’ll need a couple of visits in order to get a root canal in Peoria, AZ. The first step to the process is to take an X-ray of the tooth to see the same of the root canals themselves. This will help to figure out if there’s an infection in the bones itself. You’ll get local anesthesia to numb the surrounding area in order to make you more comfortable. The pulp, along with any bacteria or nerve tissue that’s decayed will be removed after an access hole is drilled into the tooth itself. They’re removed with root canal files of various sizes to help really scrape and scrub the insides of the tooth.


The tooth is then sealed, but some dentists will often wait before sealing the tooth. This will depend on whether there’s an infection or not. You may have it sealed up the same day you get it cleared out. A temporary filling is put in to help stop food from getting into it whilst in-between visits. There can be complications that can come from getting a root canal as with any other treatment or procedure, and this is something you can discuss with your dentist, should you think it might not be healing or providing you pain relief.

When Would You Need A Root Canal?

Like most tooth pain, a root canal is something that may be needed when you have serious teeth pain. This is usually a sign when you have serious pain while eating or applying pressure to the area. Many of us get tooth sensitivity, but if you have any pain or sensitivity that lingers after that hot or cold stimuli is removed, that can also be a sign that you might need treatment in Peoria, Arizona. The darkening of the tooth or small pimple-like bumps is also worth looking out for. It’s important to look out for these signs and symptoms so that you can get the help you need as soon as you possibly can. It’s not something that you want to leave for longer than necessary.


Getting a root canal sounds scary, but it’s something that is commonly done as a procedure and can be a welcome relief to tooth pain that you’re feeling currently if needed. Make sure to get in touch with your dentist if this is something you feel might be necessary for you to have.